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Yeah, I know. Sorry for being so slow and lazy.
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Today’s “Odore! Kyu-kyoku Tetsugaku” release event in Nagoya ended successfully!
Thank you to all the comrades who attended!
I could talk a lot, so I had so much fun (*´∀`*)

Whenever I go to Nagoya I feel like something interesting will happen (YMMV), so I want to visit it again!
And maybe do a live someday…!

Got a change of clothes
A fresh dress from Angelic Pretty!

An example of staring into space

I had a splendid hitsumabushi!!
The ochazuke was fantastic too!!

Well then, tomorrow there’s a release even in Tokyo (`°ω°´)
It seems that there will be a huge storm in Tokyo, but I hope everyone will be able to make it in all safety!

And now, and now!!

I will voice the new character of Lisa in the upcoming “Mazinger Z – The Movie” that will be debut the 13th of January 2018! I’m very honored…!!
Please wait for the follow-up report!!


See you!

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