[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Tour Completed

I’m lazy but I love Sumire too much to give up on translating her blog.
Original post: here.


Continuing from yesterday, today there was the handshake event to celebrate the release of “Odore! Kyu-kyoku Tetsugaku”!
Both the Akihabara and Ikebukuro chapter ended successfully!
I want to thank all the people who attended (*´∀`*)
We didn’t have much time, but I had a lot of fun speaking directly with everyone about many things
About the comrades who couldn’t come this time, please come at the next chance and have fun with us!
I’m looking forward to meet you again (`°ω°´)

Bonus picture corner, took during a break

“Not yet?” picture

“Emitting the accumulated thoughts” picture

“Picking up a fight” picture

Today’s dress is by RoseMarie seoir! Tulle is so fresh!

We are in the second half of August! There’s the Anisama next week!
I hope you will have fulfilling days (`°ω°´)

See you!

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