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Those students are very lucky to have Sumipe come to their university…How I wished for the same to happen to me! Super cute dress for Sumipe, by the way.
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On Sunday, I participated at the “Nawafestival ’16” talk show that was held in Osaka Electro-Communication University’s campus!

Thank you to all those who attended! (*´∀`*)

With everyone!

Burial ( ˘ω˘ )

I answered everyone’s questions and recited an old Russian tale, I had a lot of fun despite the brief time (*・∀・*)

I could only read a part of them, but thank you for the many questions!

With everyone from the executive committee!

Thank you for the inviation (*´∀`*) Please,  have a happy college life from now on! !

I hope to come back to Osaka again (`°ω°´)

See you!

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