[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] TokyoWalker

Not much to say about this post, except that Sumipe in sweater looks cute and fluffy. Please, enjoy this translation.


The issue of TokyoWalker that’s now on sale, features Kancolle!
It has Kaga-san and Fubuki on the cover (*・∀・*)
With the theatrical release of the movie getting near,  in this issue you can find a special pinup and an interview to me!
If you happen to see it in a store, please check it out (`°ω°´)

Also, on the ebook version of “Weekly TokyoWalker +” you can find the report of when I went to the famous Russian restaurant Sonya in Myōgadani!
I want to eat that beef Stroganoff again!!

By the way, today I’ll be going to the Osaka Electro-Communication University!
To those who are coming to the 14:00 talk-show, thank you in advance! (*´∀`*)

See you!


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