[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Opening the World Cosplay Summit!

Sumipe’s back on stage at the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya! She’s so cute in that dress! Those cosplayers are really lucky to have the privilege of being so close to her…
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The World Cosplay Summit 2017 started today!
As the official supporter, I participated at the opening ceremony and the talk show (*・∀・*)

It was really stunning to see the overflowing love for cosplay of the wonderful cosplayers who gathered here from all over the world ! It’s really moving! I want to always see this!
The charm of cosplay crosses borders!

As for my clothes, wearing a lolita dress after a long time really improved my defenses!
There was the talk-show after this, so I’ll update you tomorrow! Maybe tomorrow…D-definitely tomorrow…

See you!

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