[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Cosplaying at the Cosplay Summit

Sorry for the late post, but here it is. Sumipe is a very convincing Reimu…
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Here’s the continuation of yesterday’s post (I didn’t laze away, that’s great~~)
During the first day of the World Cosplay Summit, because it was such a special occasion, I cosplayed too!

Hakurei Reimu from Touhou Project!
I’m a long time fan of Touhou, but I wasn’t sure about which character I should have cosplayed…In the end, I couldn’t resist Reimu.
Showing up in cosplay during the event was a secret, so I was greeted with an explosion of joy ( ^ω^)( ^ω^)( ^ω^)

At the talk-show venue there were also the cosplayers from all over the world!! I’m happy to be seen near them…

With everyone!

Then during the event, a cute russian cosplayer gifted me a book about T-34 and a medal! I’m so happy…Spasibo!

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See you!

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