[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] World Cosplay Summit Final!

Sumipe is my favourite dragon. I’m patiently waiting for more pictures.
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The final of the World Cosplay Summit that started last week, has been held in Nagoya!
I had the privilege of being a judge! I’m so grateful for this~~~~!!!

Today I cosplayed as Draco Centauros from Madou Monogatari and Puyo Puyo series!
I cosplayed as my favourite dragon…! I’m so happy…!

The cosplayers that gathered here from all over the world, gave an intense performance on the stage!
Judging cosplay was hard because it’s really difficult to choose!
The passionate love for cosplay of the countries representatives really touched my heart!

With the two Chinese champions!
Their breathtaking performance was absolutely spectacular! Congratulations! (*´∀`*)

I took many photos, so I will upload them for tomorrow’s extra post…Maybe! Probably!

See you!

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