[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Bayoe~n!

Sorry for the late post, but I was busy. Took me a while to finish this translation and it’s full of references to a game I never played. If you are wondering what the title means, well…It should be a spell or something else from Puyo Puyo. BTW, I’m very happy that Sumipe got to cosplay Draco!
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The only topic of this post is the huge amount of pictures I took in cosplay during the Cosplay Summit.
Emh…It’s an important page in my life and a happy memory, so please excuse me… (`°ω°´;)

(The “Sorcery Encyclopedia”¹ got a reprint, so if you want to understand the world of sorcery, make sure to read it! You there, I’m talking to you!!)

(I should have brought my Puyo Puyo plush…!! Batankyu~~²)

…Sorry for the massive post! Waaai, such a happy memory!
I love both Chinese girls and dragon girls, so my Draco cosplay was really on point! Despite the appearance she’s a frail and cute girl!
When I was an elementary schooler, I played “Puyo Puyo Sun” a lot, but since I was a weak player I’m very indebted toward Draco³ ( ;∀;) One day I’ll beat Rulue-sama~

Also, monthly Newtype there will be an article about the World Summit Cosplay in addition to my serial article! Don’t miss it if you want to know more about the event (`°ω°´)

See you!

¹A sort of guide to the Puyo Puyo world
²”To pass out”, “to collapse” it’s what appears when you lose in Puyo Puyo. Check the last photo.
³Draco is weak AI character and in Puyo Puyo Sun also the “easy” playable character.


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