[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Pick-up Voice

Sumire and Nana Mizuki…what a dream!
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On the August issue of “Pick-up Voice” on sale from today, Nana Mizuki and me appear with a photo shoot and an interview!

Featuring “Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!”¹!  Being so close to Mizuki-san allowed me to bathe in her energy! ( ;∀;)

I’m wearing a summerish dress by innocent world!²

(Got an unused picture….ufufufu)

And now! Today Fuji TV will broadcast “RS Project -Rebirth Storage-” starting from 02:20! Since it’s a self-contained story, don’t miss it…!!
Here you can read the interview with Kōki Uchiyama and me! Make sure to read it before the start of the show!

See you!

¹This art club has a problem!

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