[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] The Mushroom Gang Marches On

New small post by Sumipe. She’s cuter than ever, I really love her haircut! Small note: the original title of her post might be a reference to the classic Japanese war documentary Yuki yukite shingun known in the West as “The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On”.


It’s finally July!

I combed my hair a little to not let the heat tear off my scalp ( ˘ω˘ ) Ah~ *rip-rip*

But enough of that, here’s a series of great products!

I received a Girls und Panzer cutlet strap!
Despite the small size, if you look closely it really looks like the real deal!


Bubbles pouch! As expected, Bubbles is cute even as a severed head!

Aaaah…Kinoko no yama new flavours are delicious! For victory and glory, make sure to eat them!

See you!

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