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I finally did it, I completed the post backlog, this should give me a brief respite. Not much to say about this post, except that I learned that Sumire voices a character in a game that features boob growth as gameplay mechanic. Fascinating isn’t it? Enjoy this translation anyway.
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Thinking about it, there’s something I haven’t done in a long time…Informing you about my CDs and video games!

Those are Show By Rock!! CDs!
The BEST volume is amazing! Since today goes on sale make sure to check it out! Personally, I want to see again the magical girls of Plasmagica (`°ω°´)

Speaking of games…
Here’s “Unlock” by the Battle Girl High School unit ROUGE and the theme song of Alternative Girls, “Lunaria”!
Yuri-chan and Tsumutsumu are loveable characters¹ (*・∀・*)

I have the privilege of voicing Waffle in “Genkai Tokki Seven Pirates”!
By the way, it’s a game for those who love boob growth..! Gentlemen, please give it a try ( ˘ω˘ )

I’m on the cover of “CD Journal September Issue” and I also gave an interview you can find in the first pages of the magazine!
To appear with an interview on the same issue as Uemura Akari², it makes me so happy…!!

That’s it for today!
Please everyone, make sure to check it out! (*・∀・*)

See you!

¹ Himukai Yuri of Battle Girl High School and Hiiragi Tsumugi of Alternative Girls are all voiced by Sumire. She also sings in ROUGE.
²An idol, former member of Hello! Project and now member of Juice=Juice and Hello! Pro Kenshusei

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