[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Superhumans and Snacks

In today’s short post, Sumipe talks about Concrete Revolutio (an anime that I loved) and shows us some grapes. Not much to say about this, just enjoy the translation.


A few days ago, I went to the Concrete Revolutio closing party!

Days have passed since the end of the broadcast, but meeting the various superhuman creatives who produced ConRevo made me feel again the love I felt for the series since the first day! (*・∀・*)
I wish to see again,someday, the world of Concrete Revolutio..!!

It’s been a while since I’ve last met Eriko¹!
I always look forward to hearing the talkative Eriko on radio! (`°ω°´)

My latest snack!
I received those grapes from Misawa² ( ^ω^) If I eat a lot of them, I’ll get in the mood for Autumn!

See you!

¹Nakamura Eriko, she voiced Fuurouta in Concrete Revolutio
² She’s probably talking about Misawa Sachika

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