[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Seiyuu Grand Prix August Issue

Sumire never rests and neither do I. Another short post but full of beautiful pictures! She’s so pretty in a yukata… Check it out!


The August issue of Seiyuu Grand Prix, on sale from today, features an interview and a photo shoot about “Koisuru zugei”! ¹

It really feels like it’s summer when you are wearing a yukata!  Well, it’s already summer but…

The design of this yukata is just too cute! This shapes pattern really looks like something from the 21st century…

The obi is so big!

As usual, there’s the page of my serial publication, so if you want, please go take a look!

My recent purchases!
This week at the Jinbōchō theater there’s an exhibition dedicated to Shigeru Amachi and as a result of my frequent visits, my DVD collection kept increasing (*´д`*)
heh-heh-heh…Just a few more…

See you!

¹ “恋する図形” (cubic futurismo) is Sumipe’s latest single and the ED of Kono Bijutsubu wa Mondai ga Aru!

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