[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Shangai!

Maybe one day Sumipe will visit Italy too, but for now, this country isn’t ready to properly welcome her. Welp, at least her Chinese fans must be happy now. Original post.


I came back home after participating in the “BiliBili Macro Link” live event  held in Shangai! It was my first time in Shangai! Even though it was a short stay, it still was a funny and fresh experience! (*´∀`*)

I was overwhelmed by the immense enthusiasm of the crowd at the venue…! I felt quite tense, but I was encouraged by the cheers and the passion of the Chinese fans! To all of those who came, thank you! (*・∀・*)

Such beautiful flower stand! I’m so happy! ( ;∀;)


Sano¹ handmade this costume!

It seems the pronunciation is “Shanpanjin”. Still, it’s very embarrassing to have your name written on the back…

With Yuka Iguchi! Her summer festival-like aura was truly lovely!

I posed between the every♥ing! and I accidentally started grinning…hehe…

My visit was brief, but it still filled me with energy! I wish I could visit Shangai again and visit all kind of places… ( ^ω^)

See you!

¹Natsumi Sano, Sumire’s stylist https://twitter.com/natsunomizu

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