[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Headbang

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Sumipe wearing an apron of my favourite metal band (R.I.P. Lemmy). I already knew she liked metal, but I didn’t know she was a fan of Motörhead! Why is she so perfect?
Anyway, here’s the original post, I hope you will enjoy my translation.
Born to lose, live to win \m/


Perhaps I’m a bit late, but I make an appearance on the heavy metal magazine “Headbang”, now on sale!

I talked with Ningen Isu’s Suzuki Kenichi! I was nervous, but I still talked to him with affectionate eyes…!

After that, we shopped at the Disk Union Heavy Metal shop!
Originally I planned to go alone, but he suddenly decided to join me and we went together…how kind…
Thanks to him I bought some really fantastic stuff! (*´д`*) Thank you very much!

Motörhead apron!
With this you can be a metal wife too…

See you!


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