[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Spacecraft Seiyuu Division Event

I’ve got a huge backlog of stuff to translate, I should have more free time from now on so I’ll try to get on par. In case you are wondering, this spacecraft thing is just the division of Spacecraft Entertainment that manages their voice actors, including Sumipe. Last time I called it “club”, but for now I’ll use the word “division”.  You can find the original post here


The day and the night sessions of the Spacecraft Seiyuu Division Event have been successfully completed!
Thank you to all the people who attended! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

I had no idea on how the event would turn out since it was our first attempt, but I was very happy that many people came to both sessions!

Daytime session!

Nighttime session!

And after that, I took lot’s of pictures in the dressing room so here you go!

With her skirt-like short pants and curly hair, Misawa looked a bit like an adult! (*・∀・*)

I’d like to have a relaxed talk about military stuff with Hanatani!

Thank you for your work, vice-captain Wada!

The lively Nomura!

I’m not scared by Yuririn!

I gathered the members of Dareraji!¹

With all the girls!

I look forward to doing many things with the Spacecraft Seiyuu Division!
( ^ω^)
Thank you for your continuous support!

See you!

¹Dare? Raji is an internet radio program

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