[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] The Journey of Darkness (continued)

As promised, here‘s the continuation of the post about the trip at Sanrio Puroland. Luckily for us, they took a lot of pictures of themselves! Misawa Sachika has good tastes in shoes, I must say….
Well, enjoy the translation.


Here continues the story of Misawa in Puroland!

Since Misawa is a little girl that likes Kiki & Lala, she was very excited to be in Kiki & Lala’s area ( ^ω^)
The entire place was decorated in pastel colours as far as the eye can see! So dreamy…!

Our Misawa, she’s the kind of girl who would buy a star wand!

Took advantage of it!

Kitty floating in a red pond

Normally,  to be immersed in fancy stuff it’s good for our blood circulation and that’s true for us dark types too! Fancy things are good for the health! It was a very satisfying day because we were surrounded by cute things! ( ˘ω˘ )

Ah, there’s something that I absolutely want to show to everyone…

Please take look at Misawa with glasses! She’s so cute!

See you!


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