[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] New Information on Chaos;Child!

…And she’s back to work. This time for a special on Chaos;Child, the fourth game of the Science Adventure series, where Sumipe voices one of the main heroines,  Onoe Serika. With her there’s Sarah Emi Bridcutt, who voices Kurusu Nono.
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Thank you to all those who watched the Chaos;Child special nicosei! (I’m sorry I couldn’t announce it in advance…)

New information has been released one after another during the transmission! Look forward to the anime and the new video game too! (*・∀・*)
Here you can find the official website of the anime!

Snapped this picture with Sarah in the female dressing room!
This was the first that we chatted together for so long, but it was reassuring to know that it’s easy to talk to such a goddess (`°ω°´)

A-ah, everyone please be careful don’t let your mind wander too much…

See you!

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