[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Today is Release Day

I wanted more Sumipe in yukata and I got more Sumipe in yukata. I’m a lucky man! Today’s TL is far from being perfect, I need to study more and improve my skills.
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Today is the release day of my single “Odore! Kyu-kyoku Tetsugaku”!
Now that I think about it, it’s been one year since my last single, have you done something in the meanwhile…?

If you wish, add it to your playlist for surviving this hellish summer ( ˘ω˘ )

The release of the single is accompanied by my appearances on magazines, articles and so on, this picture is from the latest issue of Seiyuu Animedia, where I’m wearing a yukata once again!

Pink and grey together are stylish and I wanted to try it but never had a chance, so it made me happy to wear this …( ^ω^)

Ah! The PV it’s out and it’s full of secrets!
Play it on your smartphone and see for yourself


See you!

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