[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Various Recent Pictures

Two post in a day? Am I going crazy? Yes I’m crazy for Sumipe, given the amount of money I’m spending on those magazines…
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The latest issue of Seiyuu Grand Prix is now on sale!
In addition to the usual serialisation, there’s also an article about “Odore! Kyu-kyoku Tetsugaku”

The serialisation about curry continues! Last month I wore a sari for the first time…
This is the yoga pose to stop a taxi in Kichijoji!

The interview on Natalie has also been uploaded!
The shooting set was packed with lined up manga, it was like a beautiful heaven ( ^ω^)

Tomorrow, I’ll make an appearance on “Oono Seitarou no Gakuen Radio ~ Full Power!!~”! If you want, please listen to it.


See you!

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