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Seems like vinyl records are back in fashion.  Nowadays many artists release vinyl of their own albums to satisfy hipsters audiophiles and Sumipe’s one of them. She’s also on the cover of the latest “FOLLOW UP”a free magazine about rock music and more. Since it came out a few days ago, sooner or later the pdf of the issue will be uploaded on the official website, so let’s be patient.
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A few days ago, the 7-inch vinyl records of the 7 singles I have released so far have been put up on sale!

The feelings I have when I see all of them on display like this, waaa!

The number of people who bought them was higher than expected, it surprised me so much..! Thank you!
Since 1000 pieces have been produced for each single, the refined gentlemen who own an amplifier should check them out! ( ^ω^)
More details here:

By the way, I appear on the front cover and the first page of the free magazine “FOLLOW UP” published by Disk Union!
Thank you in advance for searching for it…( ˘ω˘ )

See you!

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