[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Zipper SUMMER Edition

Beautiful, so beautiful…I have no other words to describe her. Ah, Sumipe…
I will try to get my hands on this issue of Zipper ASAP, I don’t have enough picture of Sumipe in yukata. I will never have enough pictures of Sumipe in yukata, to be honest.
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Zipper Summer edition is now on sale!

I wore a yukata for this issue ( ^ω^)

I got to wear such a stylish dress!
The ornaments were absolutely cute (*´Д`*)
If you want, please check my page on Zipper.

By the way, the TV anime “Battle Girl High School” will start tonight!
I’m the voice of Himukai Yuri!
Don’t miss the shining adventures of us Star Guardians (`°ω°´)


See you!

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