[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Knights & Magic, Isekai Shokudo Screening

Nothing can stop Sumipe! In her latest post she briefly talks about the screening event for Knights & Magic and Isekai Shokudo (Restaurant to Another World) in which she has a role. She’s back in action!


The combined screening event of Knights & Magic and Isekai Shokudo has finished!
Thank you to all those who attended! (*´∀`*)

Isekai is the theme of both works!
Here I am with Master Suwabe from Isekai Shokudo’s team!
W-what a fantastic shopkeeper he is! And the door too!

With Takahashi for Knights & Magic!
She’s very familiar with humidity (`°ω°´)

The broadcasting of Isekai Shokudo, in which I dub Aletta, is finally here! It will start the day after tomorrow, on the 3rd!
It’s an exciting and wonderful isekai story of stomach and heart, so don’t miss it (`°ω°´)


See you!

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