[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] 100000 GOKU MANJU

Latest entry from Uesaka Sumire’s LINE blog, I hope I can translate more of her posts in the future. Read the original post: here


Before I knew it my LINE official account surpassed 100.000 friends!!!
Thank you all!!
Saka-san bot is very happy too!!

Please help me become a good comrade too from now on! (`°ω°´)

Don’t know how to commemorate but I’ve accumulated various shots so I’ll give them to you!

From this month’s Seiyuu Grand Prix!  I made the bread of terror!

This is from Newtype! Game On is a really fantastic place…

This picture is from the video presentation of the Takara Tomy booth of the Omocha Show (in construction)!
A 360° video gives a sense of presence and it’s really fun!¹

These clothes in this bromide²are my favourite! Am I a painter..?

It’s all for today!

I’m a bit  sorry for only posting my pictures…Next time, look forward to
something interesting!

See you!
Uesaka Sumire

¹You can watch it here

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