[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] No Future Vacances

Kept you waiting, huh? After getting bullied by my Good Friend Gabbo, I’ve decided to go back at translating Sumipe’s blog. The backlog is enormous, so I’ve decided to start from the posts dedicated to her newest album. I hope you’ll enjoy it!
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Today the track list, cover image and new promotional pictures of my album “No Future Vacances” have been released!

The pictures of the cover and the PV have been shot in Hong Kong!

And when I say Hong Kong I think of Golden Harvest! And Gundam Fight too! I’ve been yearning to take pictures in the crowded streets there so I had a lot of fun ( ^ω^)( ^ω^)

You can find more detailed information on this page

http://king-cr. jp/artist/uesakasumire/sp/

See you!

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