[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Hong Kong Trip: The Search for Gundam Fighters

I really, really, really love this dress. It’s sexy in a very Uesaka Sumire way.
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The music video of my latest album’s title track “No Future Vacances” has been published!

The longing I feel for the city that made me fall in love with RA MU, fused with the image of Hong Kong as a city filled with vibrant, trendy songs (?)¹

Three different costumes and three different Hong Kong landscapes appear on the MV, so until the release of the album I think I’ll post them one by one( ^ω^)
Gundam Fighters…Should be around here! Somewhere!

On the first day of my arrival I went to the night market!
There was a bunch of suspicious items on sale

In Chungking Mansions! Somehow the buildings seem alive here (((( ^ω^)))))

The wind was fairly strong, but the view was good, very good

I ate some dim sum!(*・∀ *)
It was extremely delicious but…I wanted soy sauceeeeeeeee!

You’ll find the music video here:

See you!

¹I’m not sure about this whole paragraph…RA MU was a 80s jpop rock band but I don’t know about their connection with Hong Kong

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