[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Isekai Shokudo Collaboration Cafe

I know I’m late sorry, I’ve been busy and I already have two other posts to translate. But it’s ok, I’m doing this for Sumipe and all her fans!
Original post: here


I went to “Myojin Cafe” who’s doing a temporary collaboration with Isekai Shokudo to have some fun!
The menu and the interiors are done like in Isekai Shokudo! There’s such a happy atmosphere (`°ω°´)

Aletta’s horns drink
The manager used the Aletta’s coster just for me ( ^ω^)

Omurice is my favourite wester-style food (*´Д`*)

Inside this chocolate parfait there’s soft shaved ice! Just like a cloud…! So tasty!

The door of the Nekoya is truly impressive

I’m so full! It was delicious!
The collaboration lasts until this weekend, so if you have some spare time, you must absolutely try the Nekoya’s menu (*´∀`*)

See you!

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