[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] The Carefree Trip of Two Girls

In case you are wondering, Yukinko-san is Igarashi Hiromi, the VA of Anzu in IdolM@ster CG. Sumipe is so cute in that photo…
I have 4 post left to translate but Galette will come out in a few days and I’m gonna give priority to Liberty ch. 3
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Now that the Cinderella Girls tour is finished, I went to a onsen with my beloved senpai Yukinko-san!
Sleepover~~~!!! Uwaaa!!!

A cosy onsen with delicious food and delicious saké…
It was such a carefree and comfortable heaven (*´Д`*)
I drank more than usual!

We shared many funny stories!
Senpai! Let’s keep this up from now on!

On the train back home, we shared a manju of the onsen ( ^ω^)
I spent such a relaxing time there…I want to visit it again!

! PS !
When I published the post about the live in SSA, I didn’t include some of the bouquet, so here they are!

Thanks again!

See you!

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