[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Velociraptor VS Colette

Every kid likes dinosaurs for some reason, maybe because they are big, cool, monstrous and extinct. Just like me, Sumipe liked to read illustrated books about dinosaurs. This makes me happy, somehow.
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Seiyuu Grand Prix December issue is now on sale!

The theme of this issue’s serial story is dinosaurs, so I went to the National Museum of Nature and Science of Ueno!

I remembered that when I was an elementary school student, I was addicted to reading picture books about dinosaurs ( ˘ω˘ )

There was an ice cream shop which depicted a shark and an ice cream swimming peacefully.

The brachiosaurus and the pachycephalosaurus are my two favourite dinosaurs!

By the way, the other day I went to the closing party of “Kono bijutsu” (*´∀`*)
This is Colette drawn by Imigi-sensei!!!! Cute, cute! I’m so happy!

I’ll miss you, art club…!

See you!

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