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Another post, another translation. I’m not completely sure about the accuracy of some sentences so if you have some suggestions, feel free to contact me on Twitter.
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The last episode of “Concrete Revolutio ~Superhuman Phantasmagoria~ THE LAST SONG” is going to be broadcasted today!

24 episodes seemed so long yet they passed in an instant…There are many, many things I’d like to tell you, but in any case I want to make sure you see the rest of the story!

I had the privilege of watching it in advance at yesterday’s screening event, but I’m still basking in the lingering memory of it…
And I’m glad I could experience voicing Kikko again.
Thank you for your kind support!!

Also, from 21:00 on NicoNico, a special show to celebrate the establishment of “Uesaka Sumire no Bunkabu ha Yoru Aruku”¹ channel will be broadcasted live!
I’ll present the live broadcast together with Hayase-san² (`°ω°´)
Please leave us a comment!

Colourful Ramune, they are delicious and I’m eating too many of them.

¹Walking the Uesaka Sumire’s Department of Culture at Night, Sumipe’s radio show broadcasted every Thursday from 00:30 to 1:00
²Hayase Kana, she assists Sumipe in the conduction of her radio program.



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