[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Anisama (continued)

Sumipe delivered another batch of  awesome pictures!  She looks so happy! This summer has been fantastic for her and I hope the rest of the year will be fantastic too. Enough with the introduction, the original post is here, enjoy the translation.


Today is the third day of Anisama!
To all those who are participating today, please have a lot of fun! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
Have more of the pictures I took yesterday!

With Maaya!! She’s holding in her hand…Occult water…!:(;゙゚’ω゚’):
I felt a terrible sensation on my back!

After a brief fighting, we went on stage ( ^ω^) Rescue~~~~!!!

I met Aimi, she played a big part in BanG Dream!
She pushed herself against my sweaty face ( ´;゚;ё;゚;)

/That’s our business smile!\

Don’t know why, but Aimi took this photo.

Why do they have such a mysterious expression…? (It’s cute)

And now, my beloved Antique Batman!
It’s been specially made for yesterday’s performance! (*・∀・*) It became my reliable partner!

This year left me lots of summer memories! I’m kinda bewildered by all of this, but I’m still happy…!
Thanks to those new feelings I’ll strive to work even harder!

See you!

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