[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] KING SUPER LIVE 2017 TRINITY

Hello again! I’m back with the translation of the latest blog post from Sumipe. She really knows how to fill the gap in my heart, I’d like to attend her live events but for now I have to settle with watch her through a screen. Wait for me, Sumipe!
Anyway, I’m also working on the translation (and editing) of “Touma-kun” by Amano Shuninta, I’m kinda busy with all the preparation for my stay in Japan but I should be able to release it in around a week, so look forward to it!


Yesterday I took part in the KING SUPER LIVE 2017 TRINITY that was held at the Nippon Budokan!
Thanks to everyone who attended! (*´∀`*)

The atmosphere was different compared to the first KingSuper in 2015 (an unbelievably fantastic experience), but I had fun despite I was tense all the time!
Just remembering the faces of the people I saw feels me with happiness
( ^ω^)

I received some splendid flowers from my comrades!!
Thank you as always (*´Д`*)

Inori-san and Yui-san are my junior, but I treat both like senpai! We were sparkling, cute and stylish (*´∀`*)
Sadness has been engulfed by our overflowing light!

I wore three different outfits! This time too, I felt Sano-san’s dedication (((((`°ω°´)))))

How would an eventual third KingSuper be like? Maybe we would finally have a super live event dedicated to war songs…?!
In any case, from now on I want to work harder in secret to become the person who fills the gap in everyone’s heart (`°ω°´)

See you!



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