[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Publication Radiation Fermentation

This post needs a few notes but I’m too lazy so I’ll write them here. First of all, the “Kolkhoz no Tamanegi Hatake” which means “Kholhoz’s onion field”, is the name of the official fanclub of Sumipe and also the name of a song by the Japanese punk rock band The Stalin. Second, the bizarre title is spelt”Hakkou Hakkou Hakkou” in Japanese. It’s a pun. Ok, enjoy the translation now.
Here’s the original post, tovarisch: click here.

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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Spacecraft Seiyuu Division Event

I’ve got a huge backlog of stuff to translate, I should have more free time from now on so I’ll try to get on par. In case you are wondering, this spacecraft thing is just the division of Spacecraft Entertainment that manages their voice actors, including Sumipe. Last time I called it “club”, but for now I’ll use the word “division”.  You can find the original post here

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[Sumipe’s Blog Translation] Vinyl Records

Seems like vinyl records are back in fashion.  Nowadays many artists release vinyl of their own albums to satisfy hipsters audiophiles and Sumipe’s one of them. She’s also on the cover of the latest “FOLLOW UP”a free magazine about rock music and more. Since it came out a few days ago, sooner or later the pdf of the issue will be uploaded on the official website, so let’s be patient.
Original post: here.
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